Dr. Shapiro is a Certified Sports Physician with over 30 years of clinical and real world experience.  He has worked as a Team Physician for professional and high school teams.  He has worked the sidelines of football, baseball, basketball and soccer teams.  Dr. Shapiro has treated athletes in nearly all sports and all kinds of sporting events including golf, tennis, weight lifting and body building competitions.

     With his vast training and experience he is uniquely qualified to evaluate and treat your sports related injuries and help you recondition and train to get back in the game.

     His knowlege in the areas of strength, speed, skill and endurance training give you a resource to improve your recovery from your injury and help you develop a program to maximize your performance.  Combining his knowlege off season training and conditioning with rehabilitation and treatment of injuries you could help you reach your goals and improve your performance.

     Call our office to see if we can help you achieve your goals in sports and fitness.