Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the field of medical care that uses exercise and such physical agents as heat, light, water, and massage to treat certain physical disabilities.  Among its objectives are the relief of pain caused by surgery, injury or by medical problems.

In your case we might use:

Ice for its anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties.  Ice is a constrictor and minimizes swelling.

Heat for its ability to ease soreness, stiffening and pain in the joints.  Heat is a dilator and improves circulation and helps accelerate healing.

Electrical Stimulation for its ability to relieve pain, reduce nerve irritability, and reduce congestion in the injured areas.

Deep Heat Therapy for its increase in blood flow, increase in tissue metabolism, relaxation of spastic muscles, and relief of pain.

Massage for easing pain and for improving circulation.

Exercise, carefully chosen to increase joint mobility or to improve strength and coordination.

Intersegmental Traction for its ability to break up adhesions and improve flexibility.

These and other physical therapy modalities can be used to help you recover faster, feel better, and return to preinjury status in as little time as possible.