At Carrollwood Chiropractic Center your Tampa Chiropractor is trained in and utilizes a variety of adjusting techniques which allows us to pick the best techniques for your particular condition.  We utilize full spine diversified technique for most cases.

     We utilize disc decompression proceedures for low back disc herniations and bulging discs.  This proceedure, known as Chiro-Manis (Cox) Technique is performed on a specialized decompression table and is done by our Chiropractic Physician.

     For infants and children we modify our proceedures taking into consideration the developing spine.

     At times, when manual adjusting techniques may not be appropriate ( for example: due to the patient's age or advanced osteoporosis) we utilize S.O.T. blocking proceedures.

     We have treated patients of all ages, our youngest patient was 1 day old suffering with colic, our oldest patient to date was 103 suffering with a lower back disorder.  In over 30 years of practice we have treated all ages, sizes and shapes.  Whatever your case requires we adapt our proceedures to you in order to give you the best chance at a quick and full recovery.

     If you have any questions about your particular condition, or you are ready to get back on the road to good health, contact our office and schedule an appointment.