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By: Dr. Barry D. Shapiro

There is a protective mechanism in the body that prevents heavy metals from getting to and accumulating in the brain called the blood brain barrier.

This barrier prevents toxic material from concentrating in the brain tissues.  Since the brain is all about electrical flow of impulses, creating an imbalance of either (-) or (+) charges can negatively affect the brain’s ability to function properly.

Aluminum is a metal that can pass through the blood brain barrier.  It may surprise you to know that there is aluminum in the common table salt most people use.  It prevents the salt from sticking.  It can wreak havoc in the brain.

Check the label of your antiperspirant and you will note that there is aluminum in antiperspirants.  Absorption through the armpit is higher than you might think so this avenue also gets aluminum to the brain.

There have been some articles over the years that there is a connection between aluminum deposits in the brain and Alzheimer’s disease.  Whether that is going to be proven definitively over the next few years it is safe to say that aluminum in the brain tissues will alter electrical flow and that it is not good for you.

There are alternatives that do not have aluminum in them.  Sea salt and Kosher salt are good alternatives.  Deodorants usually do not have aluminum so try deodorant instead of antiperspirants.

In cases where there is no clear finding of what is causing abnormalities in the brain and central nervous system consider heavy metal poisoning as a possibility.

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