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By: Dr. Barry D. Shapiro

It can happen while you are sitting, you can wake up with it, and it can happen on a plane ride, or you can get it after a long bike ride.  Sometimes these symptoms come and go with activity or position and sometimes it is constant.

Many times we can press on arteries or nerves by the way we sit.  Crossing the legs at the knee, sitting on one leg, getting the legs crossed in bed while sleeping can all create numbness and tingling in the feet and legs.  These symptoms usually go away after we get up and move around a while.

Once the blood vessels or nerves are free of the pressure caused by various positions, the blood flow returns, the nerve flow returns, and the symptoms go away.  These are warning signs that your positions are not ideal and you should figure out what you are doing to cause the temporary pinching and avoid those habits.

Symptoms of numbness and tingling that go away on position change are not usually a cause for concern but it is wise to prevent it from happening by paying attention to the way you sit and lie down.

When these symptoms are constant there is a pinch or blockage that must be found and corrected.  The source of the problem can often be determined by following the dermatomes – the area of skin affected that is supplied by specific spinal nerves.

A dermatome chart shows what nerve branches provide sensation to the skin over the entire body.  When you localize the numbness and tingling to a specific area, examining the nerve root supplying that area often leads to discovery of a structural shift causing a pinching/pressure on the nerve.

If this shift is still correctable you can remove the pressure causing the numbness and the symptoms will go away.  Even more important, you will stop the nerve from atrophy (shriveling up) and loss of function.

Chiropractors are the most extensively trained doctors in removal of nerve interference and realignment and correction of spinal displacement and misalignment.  Since 1895 Chiropractic has been the most effective and safest procedure for detection and correction of nerve interference caused by spinal misalignment. 

Stop suffering needlessly.  If your nerve related symptoms are from bad positional habits make the minor changes necessary to alleviate these symptoms.  If your numbness and tingling persists it is likely from spinal misalignment.  Seek the treatment that has helped millions of people throughout the world, Chiropractic care.

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