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By: Dr. Barry D. Shapiro

What do these all have in common? 

Tonsils – Tonsillitis         Bursa – Bursitis         Appendix – Appendicitis        Arthritic – Arthritis

“itis” is the common factor

Definition: itis – disease of inflammation

Now we go wrong right from the start when we call it a disease.  “itis” is not a disease – it occurs with inflammatory disease.  Inflammation is a sign, something you can see, feel or measure.  It is a sign that often creates symptoms.

Symptoms are often the first warning that something is wrong, in this case “dis-eased”.

Take tonsils for example.  If they get infected you have tonsillitis.

Inflammation must be treated and managed.  It might take an antibiotic, an ice pack, or an anti-inflammatory to get control.

Whether from tainted food, a physical trauma/injury, or overuse of a joint, the sooner the treatment of the inflammation/itis, the sooner you’ll feel better and the less long term problems you will have.

If you or someone you know has an injury, bursitis, or an arthritis flare-up, let us see if we can help you as we have helped thousands of others.  We can be reached at or at 813-962-3608.