Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

       Some people avoid vitamin and mineral supplements or think they just don't need them.  At one time we ate foods grown locally that were not treated with pesticides or made to grow large artificially, by the use of antibiotics and steroids.  That is not the case anymore.  Farm raised animals and even fruits and vegetables are often raised with the help of toxic chemicals and growth enhancers.  Aside from the obvious potential for adverse effects on the human body from these chemicals, there is often a reduction in the nutrient value of food as a result.

     Many farms do not rotate crops like in years past and many foods we now get are processed, colored, flavored and preserved.  We tend to eat more fast foods and drink beverages that interfere with digestion.

     For these reasons and many others, we need to supplement the diet with vitamins and minerals.  The right combination for your needs helps keep you healthy and can help prevent disease.  In addition, vitamins and minerals are available that promote healing, reduce inflammation and help alleviate pain.

     We carry a line of products that contain no flavorings, colorings, salt, starch, soy, wheat, dairy, or preservatives.  They are safe and effective and since they are "clean" of additives and fillers they do not cause adverse side effects.

     Diet surveys and nutritional evaluations are available at our offices and are used to help you improve your health, your longevity, and maintain wellness.

     Contact our office to get a specific product you currently use or to get help determining which products might be best for you or someone you know.