Supports and Supplies

     We stock supports for the lower back, neck, and extremities.  We utilize taping and wrapping proceedures for strains and sprains.  We can assist you with determining the type of injury you have and what support you need, to work or play through your injury while it heals, minimizing the likelyhood of additional injury.

     We carry supplies for home traction, home exercise, and home care for a variety of conditions.  Home care, in conjunction with care and treatment offered at the office, will assist and accelerate your recovery.

     Our policy is to provide the best supports and supplies with consideration to price and durability.  The right product, used the correct way, can help alleviate pain, support injured tissues, help prevent additional or re-injury, and when possible keep you at work or in the game while healing occurs.

     Ask about the product or supply best suited for your individual needs on your next visit to our office.

     If you are not currently a patient at our facility you can contact us to schedule a consultation with the Doctor to find out what is best suited for your injury.