On Site X-Ray

     Our facility has X-ray on premises for your convenience.  We can take X-rays images of any body part and we utilize low dose X-ray film and equipment to reduce your exposure to X-ray.

     For spinal evaluation we take our pictures with the patient standing up rather than lying down.  When you are weight bearing a true analysis can be made of the affected area.

     When most patients with back or neck injuries are asked : "do you feel better standing up or lying down?" the vast majority of patients respond "I feel better when I lie down".  It has always puzzled us at Carrollwood Family Medical why the study is not done in the postion that causes pain rather than the position that causes relief.  We feel that the pain is an indicator of what might be causing the problem and the evaluation is more likely to find the cause of your problem when this is considered.

     That is why we do our spinal X-ray studies with the patient standing if at all possible.  Maybe that is one reason why we get such good results in the care and treatment of patients with spinal injury.

     Contact our office to schedule your X-ray study here at your convenience.