Nutritional Evaluation


     Lets face it, sometimes we do not have the best of diets.  We eat too much sugar, starch, flour, cakes, cookies, candies, gravys, pasta, chips, fats and protein.  No one says you need to become a Monk or eat birdseed to be healthy.  But there are some truths we can not avoid.  If we do not get the right foods in our body we have less energy, we get more irritable, and are more susceptible to injury and disease.

     Sometimes we are eating many of the right things but unknowingly we combine our foods improperly.  This can result in indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, diarrhea, and reflux.

     The answer is not to take medications to hide your symptoms or products that trick your body into digesting something your body doesn't like.

     One solution is to do a diet survey to review your food intake to see what you are eating that is good, what your are eating that is bad, what you are eating that can be neutral, and how you combine what you eat that is interfering with your digestion.  The review is painless and full of information specific to your needs.

     Some people have food allergies they are not aware of.  This can be causing you to have a variety of ill effects and can be the cause of your inability to function at peak performance.  Food allergies can now be tested and treated without the use of shots and toxic drugs.

     Nutritional evaluations can be scheduled for you or someone you know.  Just contact our office to get started getting you on the right track.  You'll be glad you did.