Custom Orthotics

     The feet are the foundation of you body.  If you suffer from a condition known as pronation, an inward rolling of the ankle, there is a dramatic shifting that can result in ankle, knee, hip, back, neck or shoulder problems.

     Often times a person visits a doctor with complaints in an area of the body that is not the cause of the problem but rather the effect of the problem.  This is often true in people with pronation of the feet.

     Failure to recognize the cause of a problem results in treatment that is either ineffective or results in new and additional problems.

     At Carrollwood Family Medical we are aware of the effect of pronation, (often misdiagnosed in the past as fallen arches), and we can provide custom fitted orthotics to correct the problem.  After an examination to determine if you have pronation and might benefit from these devices, we cast a mold of the foot, correcting the defect, and have a pair of orthotics custom made for your feet to help hold them in the proper alignment.

Some types of orthotic devices will work in nearly any shoe.  It is important both the orthoses and your shoes are appropriate for your activities.

     Contact our office to see if your problems are coming from your feet and orthotics could help you.